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  • Services on airport infrastructures

    ICARUM has unique capabilities to study the feasibility, economic impacts and newmanagement models in the airport sector.

  • Aviation Services

    ICARUM is specialist in Air Transport. From ICARUM we offer our experts for studies on the field of Aviation.


    ICARUM provides support in areas of business, operation and technology. ICARUM performs previous studies, business plans and certifications.

Our objectives

ICARUM focuses on creating solutions for companies in the aviation sector, airports, transport and public and private organizations within the scope of our activity. The services we offer, among others, are: management of activities related to Aviation, operations of aeronautical companies, airport infrastructure services and support to organizations and institutions, both nationally and internationally.

In addition, ICARUM offers management and know-how for activities related to new airport models, air safety, airport and helicopter certifications and information technologies applied to the aeronautical sector.

Safety: SMS

ICARUM has a group of specialists dedicated to the implantation and management of systems in the aeronautic operators. ICARUM is […]

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Management for airlines and air operators

ICARUM offers expert advice in setting up an airline and certification processes, import and replacement of aircraft. – Implementation of […]

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Consultancy of airport’s systems

ICARUM has unique capabilities to study the feasibility and the new models in the airport sector, in collaboration with . […]

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  • Corpfin Capital: “Icarum helped us in the re-engineering of our aeronautical maintenance business.”

  • TCAB: “When we decided to create a new AOC in Spain, we trusted ICARUM for the project to set-up Thomas […]

  • Iberia: “When we require their services, we always find a very good performance.”

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  • Q-Pulse: “We are more than delighted to have ICARUM as a partner for the Spanish and Latin America market. ICARUM […]

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