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Services of ICARUM

We offer specific services when we give an added value to our customers: services in airports and infrastructures, services for airlines, airport operators, aeronautic businesses, public entities and local and regional administrations.

Management for airlines and air operators

ICARUM offers expert advice in setting up an airline and certification processes, import and replacement of aircraft.
– Implementation of airlines:
• Business Plan.
• Support to the Authority. AOC certification.
• Registration and certification of aircraft to FAA, EASA, EASA.
– Operative leases:
• Negotiation of contracts.
• Support: Delivery and Re-Delivery.
• Maintenance and review of aircraft (Certificates 145 / CAMO).
• Inspection and import of aircraft for passenger and cargo airlines.
– Aeronautic representation.
– Broker air:
• Charter / special flights.
• 24/7 Subcharter.
– Planning and optimization of resources and shifts:
• Control of crew (Goal Plane®, of ).
– Manuals:
• Special Operative.
• Operations (OPS, TCP, Maintenance).
• Elaboration of technical manuals.
– Advice on doing search and selection of commercial and business aircraft.:
• Structural operations of fleet expansion.
• Structured financing.
– Appraisals:
• Technical analysis of the aircraft, engine and components.
• Evaluation of the aircraft relative to the market
– Technical Expertise and Documentation
• Audit documentation and records of the aircraft.
• Physical inspection of the aircraft.
• Expert’s Reports and surveys of aircraft: aviation litigation, damages for insurers.

Iberia: “When we require their services, we always find a very good performance.”

José Luís Ruiz de Castañeda, Director
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