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Services of ICARUM

We offer specific services when we give an added value to our customers: services in airports and infrastructures, services for airlines, airport operators, aeronautic businesses, public entities and local and regional administrations.

Management of airport infrastructures, and consultancy of airport’s systems

ICARUM works with partners specialized in airport management and airport services. Always keeping in mind the new airport management models applied.

– Operations and organization of airports.
– Advice on the construction, authorization and certification of aerodromes.
– Proposals airport (Business Plan / Feasibility airport).
– Security and emergency procedures.
– Management platform.
– Planning shifts for airports and ATC’s (Goal Staff ®, of Goal System).
– Management of Slots.
– Support for Handling (Recruitment of staff handling).
-Audits airports.
-Anti-skid procedures, removal of rubber and marks with high pressure water in the fields of flight, cleaning of esplanade and treatment of the water used always maintaining the coefficient of friction suitable, of Strate.

Consultancy of airport’s systems

ICARUM has unique capabilities to study the feasibility and the new models in the airport sector, in collaboration with . ICARUM addresses to autonomous governments, municipalities, Chambers of commerce, business organizations and private and public organizations, with capacities of:
– Repositioning of airports. Economic studies.
– Implementation and management models of airways.
– Plans for airport business. Economics of airports.
– New models of airport management.
– Models of work and methodology for committees of Air Route management.
– Intermodal rail and airports systems.

Thanks to Icarum we had a very successful experience in projects involving several international players.”

José Javier Landa, Recruitment Manager

“Definitely, ICARUM is our partner for Spain and Latin America.”

Reinhard Strate, Founder and Owner
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