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We offer specific services when we give an added value to our customers: services in airports and infrastructures, services for airlines, airport operators, aeronautic businesses, public entities and local and regional administrations.

Aircraft expert reporting

Aircraft expert reporting

  • Reporting of aircraft that suffered an accident
  • Reporting of aircraft that are for sale
  • Spare parts from dismantled aircraft sales management
  • Aircraft expert reporting and assessment

Specialized consultants in the development of expert reporting services, assessment of aircraft and assessment of aircraft regarding its physical condition; as well as establish all the maintenance registrations and the monetary value of the aircraft. The expert reporting and assessment services will give as a result  a written and photographic report about the real status of the plane subject to valuation, and another report about maintenance registrations determining the airworthiness will be produced. Then, comparisons with the value of similar equipments in the aeronautic market will be made.

With the expert reporting and assessment of an airplane, the customer can:

  • Get the professional opinion of the current real value of an aircraft.
  • A judgement of the current real value of the aircraft is useful as a preventive measure against excessive taxations or surplus value.
  • The expert judgements are used to verify the claim costs caused by damages after an accident or an incident.
  • Assist the potential buyer in the obtaining of financing or assurance.

“We work with ICARUM in technical projects in the areas of Maintenance, Airworthiness and Operations.”

Diana Ávila, General Manager
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