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Thursday, September 6, 201811:35

Success in the 4th edition of the Summer Course “Advances and Development of the Aeronautical and Aerospace Sector” at the Teruel Campus in which ICARUM participated.

From 20 to 22 July was held the summer course entitled “Advances and Development of the Aeronautical and Aerospace Sector” at the University of Zaragoza at the Teruel Campus.

Among the speakers of this 4th edition is Mr. Alejandro Ibrahim, General Manager of Teruel Airport, great friend of the Spanish Aeronautical Society and director of the course and Mr. Juan Manuel Gallego, Director of Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics, Vice President of the SAE and Director of Icarum.

The course develops an analysis of the evolution of the aeronautical and aerospace sector in the 21st century in aspects of development in relation to aircraft maintenance, aircraft recycling, space propulsion, rocket engines, industrial airport innovation, aerial works, UAV/RPA, aeronautical safety, aeronautical society, Aragon cluster, satellite applications in energy and environment, materials, economy of the sector and explains the most relevant trends.
Within the unique framework of the visit to Teruel International Airport, which is the largest aircraft parking centre in Europe and develops first-rate innovation in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors.

On the last day of the course, diplomas were awarded to all attendees.

We hope that everyone has benefited from these days of teaching thanks to the great professionals with whom he had this edition.

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Wednesday, August 15, 201809:57

New cleaning of runways in Barajas carried out by Icarum- BGS Strate

At the end of July and the beginning of August, the Barajas runway cleaning was carried out. Icarum- BGS Strate repeats its latest experience at Madrid airport and once again carries out the rubber cleaning on its runways. The cleaning was carried out satisfactorily on runways 36 R, 32 R and 32 L.
The cleaning was carried out by means of a special high-pressure water vehicle equipped with a 450 kW pump with a flow rate of 90 l/min and an adjustable pressure between 1,000 and 2,800 bar as well as a hydrostatic propulsion. Depending on the thickness of the rubber layer, we consume between two and four litres of water per square metre.

The rubber was removed by means of a cleaning kit fixed in front of the special vehicle. The hydraulically driven nozzle bars clean over a working width of approx. 1.75 m. The working width can be extended up to 9 m at the customer’s request, according to which more vehicles will also be used. This has the advantage of an extremely high output per square metre p/h (up to 12,500 m²/h), so that work can be carried out more quickly.
This allows us to comply with the demanding measures of closing times applied by the airport, thus ensuring the operation of the same.

The process of suction of the dirty water is always carried out only inside the cleaning equipment, thanks to this, there are no traces of dirty water contaminated with rubber, so we can leave the runway in a few minutes without leaving traces.

The in-depth cleaning must be organised months in advance in order to carry out, as in this case, a correct cleaning of the runways.
Icarum-BGS Strate, once again and thanks to its proven experience worldwide, carried out these works with satisfactory results.

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